Hybrid wash & wax
Hybrid wash & wax
Hybrid wash & wax
Hybrid wash & wax

Hybrid wash & wax

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Waxes and protects when cleaning - Ultra-shiny finish

SIO2 infused soap provides exceptional shine. Free of aggressive surfactants and PH neutral is strong enough to dislodge dirt and grime from the vehicle without difficulty. SIO2 technology will leave a thin film of nano protection helping in the preservation and maintenance of Nano Coatings or long-lasting waxes previously installed on the paint surface. This concentrated soap with biodegradable components is excellent for all types of businesses such as car wash, mechanic shops, body shops, new or used car dealers, and of course consumers. It can be used for washing by hand, with a pressure system, and foaming guns and cannons.


  • Highly concentrated soap with Carnauba wax
  • Foaming action loosens stubborn dirt
  • Leaves no marks and rinses easily
  • Biodegradable components
  • PH neutral soft on hand

Fortify formula

Remove loose dirt by rinsing the car with water. For normal use, add 50 ml of concentrated soap to 4 liters of warm water. For heavily soiled vehicles, 100ml for 4 liters of warm water. Mix well and lather. Wash your vehicle from the top and finish at the bottom. Use a wash mitt or sponge soaking in the preparation. Rinse with water after washing each section of the vehicle to prevent the soap from drying on the vehicle. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly and dry with a chamois or a squeegee.

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