Rim & wheel cleaner
Rim & wheel cleaner
Rim & wheel cleaner
Rim & wheel cleaner

Rim & wheel cleaner

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Safe on all types off rims - Dissolves grease and brake dust

Excellent cleaner based on natural acid to quickly clean all types of wheels. Removes brake grease, dirt and dust from wheel covers and rims. Safe to use on aluminum or magnesium wheels. Does not damage brake pads and varnish on alloy wheels.

The rim cleaner contains a special blend of penetrating agents that dissolves dirt and contains an anti-rust neutralizer that preventing rust formation. Formulation reinforced with thixotropic agents that grip the vertical surface for better cleaning.


  • Thixotropic concentrated formula
  • Prevents rust on the brake discs
  • Cleans easily and quickly: spray and rinse
  • Excellent for all types of wheels
  • Low odor conforms to VOC standards

Safe product

Always work on one rim at a time: spray, clean and dry to be sure no negative affect accrued on the rim.
1. Spray onto a wet surface, cool rim or wheel cover.
2. Wait no more than 2-3 minutes then hose off, dry and then go to another rim.
3. For heavy soiled rims scrub using a wheel brush. NOTE: Test on one rim in an inconspicuous area. If a haze or any negative reaction occurs during or after drying, do not use.

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