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Tire shine

Tire shine

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A water-based polish with silicone for a glossy finish on rubber and vinyl. This product is very economical and complies with the VOC standards. It is excellent on tires, door trim and window mouldings and bumpers. It is ideal for dashboards, vinyl seats or leather and protects against cracking and splitting.

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Tire shine

How To Use It

Our tire shine
features a unique technology that allows for a gloss or satin finish, depending
on your preference. If you're looking for a glossy finish, apply the product to
a clean, dry tire. If you're looking for a satin finish, apply to a humid tire.

Tire shine

Feels Amazing

RTX Detailing's
tire shine is gentle on the skin and materials of your car. It is also quick
and easy to apply.

Tire shine

How Does It Look

Our tire shine
has a long-lasting effect, protecting your tires until next application. For
best results, always apply to a clean surface using a tire shine applicator.

Complete Cleaner Kit

This RTX car care kit contains everything you need to wash and maintain your car's appearance without any hassle!

  • Tire shine
  • Hybrid quick detailer
  • Rim & wheel cleaner
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Hybrid wash & wax SIO2
  • Bucket
  • Ultra double microfiber cloth
  • Extra soft wash mitt
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